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Government Statistics Department today (January 2nd) announced in November last year, the total retail sales value of 20 billion 500 million yuan, up 1.1%; after the price changes over the period, total retail sales fell 2.8% year-on-year. Last year the total sales in the first 11 months of the retail value rose by 11.6%, the total sales volume rose 5.6%. by a sustained slowdown in global economic influence, local consumer spending and inbound tourism weakening, the volume of retail sales for November again recorded a decline. However, compared with October, clothing and footwear store and department store retail business has improved. festive atmosphere and inbound tourism rise positive effect, may make December retail business relatively slightly improved?; coupled with the central government in December announced the relaxation of mainland residents to visit Hong Kong measures, is expected to support the retail industry in Hongkong?. fuel sales volume in November last year, the largest increase, up 9.3%. Other recorded categories, including l?? and fixing device (5.8%), department stores (2.8%) and electrical appliances and equipment (1.3%). monthly domestic sales volume decreases the categories, there are vehicles and vehicle parts (down 36.6%), footwear and other clothing accessories and related products? (- 5.5%), jewelry and watch? And valuable gifts (down 3.7%), miscellaneous consumer goods (down 3.5%), miscellaneous consumer durable goods (down 3.4%) food, alcoholic drinks and tobacco (down 2.1%), and supermarkets (down 0.8%). the total value of retail sales in October revised last year? 20 billion 800 million yuan, up 0.3%; the total sales volume fell 4.3%. (Editor: admin)reebok-ao-pump-omni-run-1.jpg (101.35 KB, d Cheap foamposites for sale ownload number: 0) download 2013-12-23 13:19 upload 00Sports players released Winter 2010 adidas Originals Hardland BL rhinestone shoes 2010-07-19 10:36:19 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: different potential flow] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes network July 19 hearing, adidas Originals Fall 2010 Hardland BL announced details Buy Rhinestone shoes. Shoe body plus a diamond embellishment, Trefoil Logo gaiters and the tongue flashing silver fabric production, and then to a low-key black with a sense of luxury shoes also comes with 2 laces, one is black, the other is silver is expected in August landed flagship stores. Related news Dangdang is in big trouble. Mass action is heading for dangdang. Following last month's mistake Adidas shoes price of 1 yuan and 110 yuan after the wrong standard Samsung mobile phone, began this month 9 days "tour books Dangdang gift 72 hours of panic buying" reproduction of oolong, 10 days 3 Chechan phenomenon makes consumers unbearable, and eventually filed a lawsuit on is indeed started to sell books online shopping giant, has the extraordinary details in the script. From "one yuan ADI shoes", "110 yuan Samsung mobile phone", and then to "children's book promotion" event, but only ten days, Dangdang has staged 3 "luxury cabbage price" price show. It is understood that the screenwriter is very successful, attracted many onlookers and consumers.'s reputation in the arena again. just, make the consumer who took out the real silver rush, did not expect that, these three "price show" finally to Dangdang given "operation error" and the end. This raises consumer dissatisfaction. As the saying goes, shibu air jordan 11 space jam for sale guosan. One yuan ADI shoes, 110 yuan Samsung mobile phone is due to staff errors caused by operations, may also be able to understand, but in just ten days, the three time the emergence of operational mistakes, perhaps not just a fault. Even as Dangdang said, the staff out of action, then Dangdang management, chaos can be seen in general. So much less management, , so that consumers how to convince? Why can investors be satisfied? at present, some shoppers have begun to prosecute dangdang. At the same time, Dangdang's share price has also fallen sharply recently. Listed on the NYSE, August 22nd (Monday) opened slightly higher after the rapid decline to fall, then continued downward, closing down 14.66% to $6.87, a low price; IPO. At its closing price, its market capitalisation was about $540 million, down $2 billion 800 million from its market capitalisation of $2 billion 260 million after its IPO high, compared with a valuation of 12 at its IPO priceThe design of the new social networking platform always first exposure is not released, of course, there are some we have never seen Sample shoes. Days ago, a netizen on us for the 2001 Air Jordan 16 Low Sample, previously seen believe this design is one of the few friends, unfortunately Jordan Brand does not offer this plan. air-jordan-16-low-white-black-sample_jyrxfy.jpg (149.24 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 16 Low Sample 2016-8-29 14:08 Air Jordan upload 16, aj16, sample Tony 2016-8-29 14:09 on this topic by the 01 generationJohnson dedicated drum manufacturing for many years has been providing the market with bite quickly color rich products! KS + close to the natural warm hall as in the past there is no architectural style full of warmth. products must refer to this Speedup series new mechanical structure, to bid farewell to the traditional air pressure and lubricating oil. said it will inherit the throne future become the new flagship series, looking forward to ~this square box? look at its controller is clear, the new electronic control lift seat. in use, it takes 0.3 seconds to respond time. Nevertheless, it allows you to bid farewell to the traditional wire all kinds of unnecessary trouble. seems to be electronic and we are getting closer ah. Gwin Aaron? Male god's temperament has attracted the attention of my sister. and to attract us is to hold the hand of this four piston Quadiem TRP, which is precisely this year Gwin is using the brake! this touch of green is the most love DVOin addition to the new color, it seems that there is no mystery behind the bridge? is the integration of new fender metal spring and the gas spring shock absorber top of a box, pack away. BOMB DA, in the skills of riding style products for many years on the old brand. continues to update the other Taipei show in front of the fresh produce, maintain attention.holds every romantic opportunity, and New Balance launched a special edition of the Love Lock series for girls on Valentine's day in 2017. The inspiration for the design stems from the "lock love bridge" on Seine River, which symbolizes the everlasting love and the separation of love. In 2017, the popular color rose powder and quiet blue, a slim and lightweight collocation are respectively CRT300WD and MRL420VD two shoes, also bring happiness for double lovely girls. New Balance Love Lock is also equipped with a heart-shaped tin gift box with heart-shaped locks and unique love keys, plus a special card that allows you to write your own love motto. plays an important role in the development of camouflage elements of street culture, many fans touted for many street brand and sports brand single product design provides an opportunity, Jordan Brand recently launched two new color seems to be satisfied for the camouflage of fantasy. needs to mention is the new color of the official launch of Air Jordan 1 are based on the type of shoes for carrying, laid the overall color on the topic and influence the security, and to "Shadow" and "Red Suede" as the theme of the opportunity to create, or join the biggest characteristic of camouflage design for security to texture exquisite leather material for tide flu remarkable promotion. Unfortunately, this pair of color of the tongue to cancel the mark of Nike Air ", is a pity. At present, "Shadow" and "Red Suede" color is not available information, please post our report more attention.No. 23 for the fans of extraordinary significance, while Air Jordan 23 is the Masterpiece Collection race fans shoes. Recently, the network exposure of a special Chicago Special Edition Air Jordan XX3, the body of the shoe is covered by red leather, and with gold and black car line six star decoration, followed by the city skyline and supplemented by a Chicago city Logo abbreviation echoed the theme. There is no available information, interested friends, please continue to focus our follow-up reports. item: 811645-650 air-jordan-xx3-chicago-university-red.jpg (540.09 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan XX3 Chicago Special Edition 2015-6-19 09:27 Michael Jordan, upload, Chicago skyline, plan 00Mexico footwear enterprises said that if China tries to from the beginning of January 2008 to cancel China footwear products anti-dumping duties in Mexico government, enterprises in Mexico will be ready to fight back. At present, the Mexico customs for Chinese made footwear products, in addition to impose a 35% tariff, but also according to different types of products, the corresponding collection of up to 300% to 1105% anti-dumping duties. Mexico footwear enterprises said that if Chinese tries to from the beginning of January 2008 to cancel China footwear products anti-dumping duties in Mexico government, enterprises in Mexico will be ready to fight back. At present, the Mexico customs for Chinese made footwear products, in addition to impose a 35% tariff, but also according to different types of products, the corresponding collection of up to 300% to 1105% anti-dumping duties. Before January 2008, China could not challenge the anti-dumping duty to the World Trade Organization as a condition of Mexico's approval of China's accession to the WTO in 2001. Mexico Guanajuato Footwear Association chairman Antonio Abugabel pointed out: "if China tried to abolish the anti-dumping duties, we will spare no effort to prove the existence of trade China dishonesty." The Mexico footwear industry has entered into an advisory service agreement with the Advisory Committee of the American Society for social responsibility in preparation for possible legal disputes. Abu Gabel also accused the Chinese government of conniving at the serious problem of smuggling, on the grounds that many Chinese footwear products were nominally exported to Mongolia, Malaysia and other countries, but eventually flowed into Mexico. (Editor: admin).Air Jordan 1/2 Hybrid is the sole of the Air Jordan 2 on the Air Jordan 1 shoes, and is also called Air Jordan 1.5. This pair of transition shoes exposes 2015 new goods, is expected to be in 2015 summer official sale, pay tribute to the Jordan Brand 30th anniversary.