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In order to commemorate the outstanding performance of Ferrari's popular driver "Kimi" and "Massa", PUMA will launch a special commemorative shoes by Ferrari's new flagship, 2009 shoes Furio shoes, the driver for the national flag shoe body color, shape its subtle color a stunning, inevitably will become a new topic discussion on the market! In addition to color, the shoe heel decorated with "driver" number of totem, the inner side of the shoe with the words "driver name" totem, big bottom is the use of "Uni technology", replacing the bottom structure of unnecessary, can reduce weight, can increase the wearing of fit. Puma once again teamed up 0.jpg (353.94 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-9-18 17:22 upload2013 years on June 2, Los Angeles Clippers officials announced a startled day news, has been hailed as the "Jordan first successor," the seventh all star player grant - hill is going to retire, hill will end his 19 year NBA career. Alliance President Stern gave Hill a very high evaluation, he believes that Hill's career in the performance of the perseverance and dedication, is a model for other players in the league. "Grant - hill is a quite outstanding players, in his very great NBA career. His dedication, to overcome injuries and in adversity indomitable perseverance, a model of alliance, but also o air jordan 11 space jam for sale ther players to learn the model." Stern said, "hill is a perfect teammate, he always gives people a kind of gentle and polite impression. He is now retired, we hill and his family to send the best wishes, and hope hill can continue to support union and sports in the future, and continue to make a contribution." Hill career 19 seasons, including the 2003-04 season because of injuries throughout the season due to injury claims, the remaining 18 seasons. Hill field are 16.7 points 6.01 rebounds and 4.14 times assists 1.22 times steals. Now the Almighty soldiers we no longer see to him in the game beautiful posture, not feeling the time has gone..., attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information and all kinds of basketball. source: sina sports2016 TDS Sanchez off-road endurance race will be struck in April 8th -10 event. 2015 Sanchez off-road endurance race highlights Jerome Clementz won the first prizeRon · Sanchez Ron Sanchezorganizer;Nike Air Yeezy 1 "Red October" personal customization appreciation 2013-12-08 23:51:24 game Snake custom custom shoes JBF Customs team; recently, jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black the new JBF Customs to Air Yeezy; 2 "Red October" color for inspiration, the use of color to it before the Nike Air Yeezy; 1, and to imitate snake material making shoes finally, with golden eyes and white metal shoe insole. I don't know. What do you think of the red Python? 〈br adidas="" outdoor="" (adidasoutdoor)="" officially="" renamed="" rui="" (adidas="" terrex)="" 2017-01-25="" on="" 15:36:36adidas Outdoor (Adidas outdoor) officially changed its name to Adidas TERREX (Adidas probe) since January 1, 2017. adidas TERREX (Adidas), as a professional outdoor sports brand, encourages outdoor enthusiasts to challenge themselves, discover their own potential, and find themselves better in outdoor sports. Whether it is running, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, mountain or kayaking, hiking and other outdoor projects in rock climbing, adidas TERREX (Adidas on sharp) will pass "LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS outdoor sports attitude uninhibited conventional", help break the limits of their own outdoor innovators, to create their own way of outdoor sports! takes a new outdoor footprint and opens Adidas's legendary outdoor legend adidas and TERREX combine to become a new brand, Adidas TERREX (Adidas probe), showing a strong and strong connection between them. "Adidas" symbolizes high performance sports Cheap jordans online equipment; "TERREX" more clearly highlights the positioning of outdoor brands, giving consumers more intuitive "outdoor brand" visual recognition. Special 〉A pair of shoes, "ultramarathon" 2014-05-06 22:43:24 In today's popular running events, marathon running has become more and more faithful favorite. As we all know, marathon running shoes for shoe design and technology requires extremely stringent. Whether it is breathable, comfortable, durable cushioning or, due to prolonged continuous movement, so that the power of the body are concentrated in the legs and feet, therefore, a pair of running shoes designed specifically for the marathon can be said to be a collection of the brand's top technology and design, thus the effort to build. During the Xiamen marathon this year, Xtep launched jump run 2.0 running shoes has created a pair of shoes can maintain continuous excellent performance after running 1,000 kilometers of "super marathon" miracle. With excellent performance, this pair can Lianpao 1000 km ultramarathon running shoes also attracted the attention of many running Friends. And we also got the first time the shoe, then let us enter part of the current evaluation, look at this Xtep running jump 2.0 "ultramarathon" running shoes has a kind of charm, measured performance how? 1. Bounce forefoot technology Retro jordans for sale brings excellent resilience during start, pushing the foot start. 2. After the palm of science and technology to ensure the cushion Cushion heel landing, reducing the impact on the ground for the feet. 3. lightweight breathable uppers for the long running campaign to provide a certain permeability. 4. Design TPU heel at the ankle firmly locked in the shoe, bringing excellent stability. 5.Xdura wear non-slip shoes technology brings excellent durability, enough to cope with all kinds of terrain. Vans Nappa Leather Era Decon series debut 2014-02-24 21:05:02 Vans skateboard brand has always been very good at launch street taste all kinds of shoes, but overwhelmed by this & nbsp; Nappa Leather Era Decon series, but uncharacteristically, filling elegance. The series includes two different color of the & nbsp; Era Decon, respectively, pure black and dark green soft lambskin material to build shoes, supplemented by white laces and outsole and lining covered with a British-style pieces floral pattern, beautiful. famous brand JanSport backpack has released this season's outdoor series of single products, overwhelmed by a single product functionality and material are the highlights of this, designers use waterproof polyester materials to build highly ensure that the single product able to adapt to mul cheap jordans tiple and complex environment, interior design backpack multifunction pockets, can be placed more thing, this brand launched a total of 25 liters and 30 liters different volumes for your choice, high-end outdoor highlights the overall quality, it is learned that the series Brand has now landed designated shops for sale, and interested friends might concern you. 2015 Nike "play tricks" VI: The Zhan Huang Jialin 2015-08-25 11:13:59 game should have a sense of tension, I have always liked that. Gains and losses do not care about winning or losing, just play basketball and his teammates enjoy the fun together. We all love the taste of victory, but failure does not break me. - LeBron ? James After Kobe Bryant and the "Black Mamba court" trials, Nike "play tricks" of the players finally have a rare holiday, they come from all over the country home, a short relax. But the holiday does not mean slacking off, before dissolving, the coaching staff arranged for everyone "homework", they must keep training during the holidays, on hold. Shu with happily embarked on a journey home, he called the Long Island hometown, in Shandong Province is a very remote island. Shu same in memory, the entire island can play only three venues, four. Secondary school because of basketball, with no less Shu expense of other time, but his love for basketball, initially did not get much family support. Shu with the mother in order to stop him playing, there was once a basket with a brick smashed shelves rebounds. But with still believe Shu, rebounding can be smashed, but the dream never will. On this piece of land originated basketball dream, Shu continue with sweat, thousands of kilometers away in Hong Kong, his teammate Chen Yi Ju also trained hard. Chen Yi Ju's brother is a member of the Hong Kong men's basketball team, and he has been brought up from childhood in the shadow of his brother. This time he would not be playing a supporting role, he wanted the Nike "play tricks" on the stage so that all people in Hong Kong basketball to know yourself. On the way back to Shanghai, all in the imagination of their own future destiny. Yang Tianyou from Taiwan Taoyuan, sat quietly in the passenger seat of the car his father, tone of voice has been choked. Divorced parents had let his family apart, he came to Nike "play tricks" campaign, it is hoped such a way so that parents concerned about their own, and to repair the relationship. Yang Tianyou remember, my father never support yourself before playing, but just to send him to the airport, he heard his father said to him - "! Trip to Shanghai you have to refuel, you will always be proud of my heart." As summer Nike "play tricks" the last a mentor, the arrival of LeBron ? James to the scene of the atmosphere reached a new climax, he also set an example for the players who made an example. Each different training before the start, James will personally for the players to make a complete demonstration, and keep telling the players to focus on the basketball court of the team. After the end of the day's training, James presents a challenge - to elect a representative of the players, only a third ball of opportunity will increase if dropped two promotion places. Yang Tianyou ultimate representative of the owner did not hit shots, but James told him he dares cast shot the ball, dare to take the initiative to take responsibility, it is already a winner. promotion of the night, everyone's nerves are strained to the extreme. After the completion of any training content, the coaching staff took the lead elected ?????? (Luohe), Liu Shamin (Yunlin), Yang Tianyou (Taoyuan), Qin Zhe (Jinzhou), Zhang Shuo division (Changhua) five players cut after The shots must select, red and black from Beijing within the specified time the most number of hits, but also get a ticket to the finals. Finally announced the cut list, everyone middle of the field, James continues to read out the players who qualify for the selected number. After finished the last one selected player ?|им?? number, James volunteered to add two promotion places. "Their dedication and effort I was very moved, they should get more opportunities," James took his good name signed basketball and T-shirt, and tie chosen Xuwan Lu Yin Zi joined the final two players 12-man squad, he also wanted to use this way to tell every hearts dream of teenagers, if you work hard you will reap the rewards. "James Wong stadium," the curtain falls, was eliminated also benefited a lot from the players, "I do not think I was eliminated is this setback, it's just an incentive," said Wang He from Shandong. For these young players, "play tricks" activities come to an end, the dream is still there, they continue to call ahead.this season in the arena he is wearing Jordan Super.Fly; 3 out of the station, I believe there will be more exciting Jordan shoes on feet formally joined.low-key calm and yet stunning, the Malan Air Jordan gamma 11 " Gamma Blue" in a unique gesture reproduction of the classic Air Jordan 11. bring HD desktop wallpaper, please download according to the screen resolution. 1024 x 768 [download] 1024 x 1024 (iPad) [download] 1920 x 1080, 1366 x 768 [download] 640 x 960 (iPhone) [download] 960 x 800 (Android) [download] 480 x 800 (Windows) [download] 640 x 1136 (iPhone 5) [download] 2048 x 2048 (iPad 3 + 4) [download] 1600 x 1280 (Android) [download] 2560 x 1600 (Desktop) [download]